Reduction of Electricity Consumption and Electricity Demand Peak in Home Environments

Ana Rosselló-Busquet, José Soler, Lars Dittmann
There is an increase need to become more energy efficient and to reduce peak electricity demands to move towards the so called Smart Grid. In order to succeed, Home Energy Management Systems need to be developed to seamlessly provide the users with the tools to control the household electricity consumption. The Home Energy Management System developed includes a Home Gateway that provides rules to reduce the household consumption and a scheduling algorithm to reduce the peak demands. In
more » ... emands. In addition, web services are used to provide remote access, communicate with the Smart Meter and the Energy Rules Server. Users will be able to donwload/update rules to reduce the electricity consumption and configure their Home Energy Management System remotely by using the JAVA based pilot-application developed. In this article the Home Energy Management System and its components are presented. The results show that the energy management system based on rules reduces the total househapld consumption. The scheduling algorithm results show that it is possible to distribute the consumption with some delays on the appliances tasks.