Reconquering the Americas in order to Regenerate Europe. Spanish Nationalism and American Inde- pendence Centennials in 1910-1911

Javier Moreno Luzón
2010 Historia Mexicana El Colegio de México  
This article analyzes Spanish participation in the centennial celebration of several American independencies in 1910-1911 (those of Argentina, Mexico, Chile and Venezuela). The recurring issues of Spanish nationalism of that time are studied, inclu- ding the need to "regenerate" Spain after the 1898 disaster, by adopting a "hispanoamericanist" language. The author also describes the initiatives of several immigrant collectivities in these American countries, concerned as they were about their
more » ... were about their cohesion and visibility, and discusses the impulses and limitations of Spain's foreign policies. All these elements reveal the relevance acquired by centennial commemorations in nationalist movements and policies.
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