Recent Advances of Film–Forming Kinetics in Organic Solar Cells

Qiuju Liang, Jianhong Yao, Zhangbo Hu, Puxin Wei, Haodong Lu, Yukai Yin, Kang Wang, Jiangang Liu
2021 Energies  
Solution–processed organic solar cells (OSC) have been explored widely due to their low cost and convenience, and impressive power conversion efficiencies (PCEs) which have surpassed 18%. In particular, the optimization of film morphology, including the phase separation structure and crystallinity degree of donor and acceptor domains, is crucially important to the improvement in PCE. Considering that the film morphology optimization of many blends can be achieved by regulating the film–forming
more » ... rocess, it is necessary to take note of the employment of solvents and additives used during film processing, as well as the film–forming conditions. Herein, we summarize the recent investigations about thin films and expect to give some guidance for its prospective progress. The different film morphologies are discussed in detail to reveal the relationship between the morphology and device performance. Then, the principle of morphology regulating is concluded with. Finally, a future controlling of the film morphology and development is briefly outlined, which may provide some guidance for further optimizing the device performance.
doi:10.3390/en14227604 fatcat:usryzzhy7rfv5aiowjvfr3y6pi