An SU(2) Gauge Principle for the CMB: Perspectives on Dark Sector of the Cosmological Model [post]

Ralf Hofmann
2020 unpublished
We review consequences for the radiation and dark sectors of the cosmological model arising from the postulate that the CMB is governed by an SU(2) rather than a U(1) gauge principle. We also speculate on the possibility of actively assisted structure formation due to the de-percolation of lump-like configurations of condensed ultralight axions with a Peccei-Quinn scale comparable to the Planck mass. The chiral-anomaly induced potential of the axion condensate receives contributions from
more » ... butions from SU(2)/SU(3) Yang-Mills factors of hierarchically separated scales which act in a screened (reduced) way in confining phases.
doi:10.20944/preprints202007.0724.v1 fatcat:huugveiugrac3nti6stgwmci6m