Evaluation of wheelchair resistive forces during straight and turning trajectories across different wheelchair configurations using free-wheeling coast-down test

Jui-Te Lin, Morris Huang, Stephen Sprigle
2015 Journal of rehabilitation research and development  
The purpose of this study was to develop a simple approach to evaluate resistive frictional forces acting on manual wheelchairs (MWCs) during straight and turning maneuvers. Using a dummy-occupied MWC, decelerations were measured via axle-mounted encoders during a coast-down protocol that included straight trajectories and fixed-wheel turns. Eight coast-down trials were conducted to test repeatability and repeated on separate days to evaluate reliability. Without changing the inertia of the MWC
more » ... inertia of the MWC system, three tire inflations were chosen to evaluate the sensitivity in discerning deceleration differences using effect sizes. The technique was also deployed to investigate the effect of different MWC masses and weight distributions on resistive forces. Results showed that the proposed coast-down technique had good repeatability and reliability in measuring decelerations and had good sensitivity in discerning differences in tire inflation, especially during turning. The results also indicated that increased loading on drive wheels reduced resistive losses in straight trajectories while increasing resistive losses during turning. During turning trajectories, the presence of tire scrub contributes significantly to the amount of resistive force. Overall, this new coast-down technique demonstrates satisfactory repeatability and sensitivity for detecting deceleration changes during straight and turning trajectories, indicating that it can be used to evaluate resistive loss of different MWC configurations and maneuvers. Abbreviations: ANOVA = analysis of variance, CoM = center of mass, CV = coefficient of variation, DW = drive wheel, ICC = intraclass correlation coefficient, ISO = International Organization for Standardization, MWC = manual wheelchair, SD = standard deviation.
doi:10.1682/jrrd.2014.10.0235 pmid:26745011 fatcat:mzqlx7kmjnbdlg3hrezudhczlq