Sivil Din Tartışmaları ve İslamcılık

Yılmaz CEYLAN-
2021 Turkish Studies - Comparative Religious Studies  
The revolutionary changes brought about by modernization have sometimes resulted in the complete denial of tradition, and sometimes an element transformed and integrated into the system. It is possible to say that some areas where this is valid for the phenomenon of religion got formed. Especially after the Second World War, religions did not lose their importance as the classical modernization aimed, on the contrary, lots of people in the world turned to religion. However, it should be
more » ... t should be mentioned that the "religion" which took place in the modern world and the traditional "religion" are different. It can be argued that modernization did not completely eliminate the "religion" of tradition, but transformed it into a "civil religion" compatible with the new system. The example of this in the Islamic world seems to be Islamism emerging particularly with its ideological and political features. Islamism, which occurred as a liberation theory against modernization, the West and colonialism, continued its existence by taking on new versions with the changing conditions. The subject of this study is to try to read thearguments on Islamism and the theory of "civil religion" together. It can be read as the general conclusion of the study that Islamism is in the same state with "civil religion" in the last form it has gotten. Structured Abstract: It is possible to say that the modern world has created new areas for itself, unlike tradition. It is not possible to consider this specific to only one area or to limit it to one area. Modernization has pioneered change and transformation in many economic, political, cultural and social areas. It can be said that this change is particularly about religion, which is the most fragile point in terms of conservative ideology because while the most important feature of tradition is that the change is long-termed or that there is no change at all, it can be expressed that perhaps the most important feature of modernization is rapid change.
doi:10.47091/turkishstudies.49787 fatcat:6wugrbifuzd67efcj2w27jtkee