An ontology based modeling framework for design of educational technologies

Sridhar Chimalakonda, Kesav V. Nori
2020 Smart Learning Environments  
Despite rapid progress, most of the educational technologies today lack a strong instructional design knowledge basis leading to questionable quality of instruction. In addition, a major challenge is to customize these educational technologies for a wide range of customizable instructional designs. Ontologies are one of the pertinent mechanisms to represent instructional design in the literature. However, existing approaches do not support modeling of flexible instructional designs. To address
more » ... his problem, in this paper, we propose an ontology based framework for systematic modeling of different aspects of instructional design knowledge based on domain patterns. As part of the framework, we present ontologies for modeling goals, instructional processes and instructional material. We demonstrate the ontology framework by presenting instances of the ontology for the large scale case study of adult literacy in India (287 million learners spread across 22 Indian Languages), which requires creation of hundreds of similar but varied eLearning Systems based on flexible instructional designs. The implemented framework is available at and is transferred to National Literacy Mission Authority of Government of India. The proposed framework could be potentially used for modeling instructional design knowledge for school education, vocational skills and beyond.
doi:10.1186/s40561-020-00135-6 fatcat:bxim2ilvtbejnfn63d2byk5oui