Automated Irrigation System Using Iot with IE

C .L. Femi, K. U. Umamagesh, Dr. P. Kannan
2018 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
The main aim of the proposed project is to dampen water efficiently in a cognitive approach for the agriculture land using IoT and also measures the Irrigation Efficiency (IE). The water needed for the crops should be properly irrigated for enriching the irrigation efficiency of the field. Using soil moisture sensor and water level indicator in which a threshold value is thrown into and the irrigation area is monitored continuously. The conductivity of the top soil increases as the volumetric
more » ... t substance increases. The water level indicator is maintained above the threshold value and it is is indicated when it is below the sensored value. The sensored information should be given as an analog key in of the Node mcu Arduino board. The sensor records values are between 0 (perfectly dry) and 900 (100% saturated) which is displayed in the sequential display unit of the workstation in which it is connected. Thus the real instant data of the water substance of the soil is taken as the input and the motor is made to function based on the throw values between 0 and 900. This device collects data continuously for an extended period of time and functioned as an alert device when soil moisture dropped below the specified value. The complete system is controlled and monitored through internet. The board has the capacity to transmit data using both the SPI and I2C protocols. Also the irrigation efficiency of the system is determined at the particular period of time that takes into account the microefficiencies of the irrigation water used. About 80% of the water is saved using this smart advanced irrigation system.)
doi:10.17577/ijertcon048 fatcat:hzrjcqjohjfelo4lhpdn7v2lqm