"MEMSEye" for optical 3D tracking and imaging applications

V. Milanovic, A. Kasturi, N. Siu, M. Radojicic, Y. Su
2011 2011 16th International Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems Conference  
We demonstrate a compact, low-power device which combines a laser source, a MEMS mirror, and photosensors to enable fast-motion tracking of an object in a 3D volume while obtaining its precise XYZ coordinates, as well as high resolution laser-based imaging. Any object can be tracked which is marked by retro-reflective tape, or a corner-cube retroreflector (CCR). Two separate subsystems which we termed "MEMSEyes" track the position of the object within a ~40° field-ofview cone, allowing
more » ... , allowing triangulation of the object's distance. A demonstration system running in a 40 kHz control loop is capable of human hand motion tracking and provides position information at up to 5m distance with 13-bit precision and repeatability. In another demonstration, a longer object is marked by two CCRs at its ends and the system measures its orientation in space with ~0.1° precision by locating both ends (CCRs) in a time-multiplexed manner. When used in rastering mode, a single MEMSEye device can efficiently scan objects and 2D barcodes.
doi:10.1109/transducers.2011.5969770 fatcat:t6lxwenlrrei7mqjhbh47j4r2m