RB036088 - a sugarcane cultivar for mechanical planting and harvesting

Edelclaiton Daros, Ricardo Augusto de Oliveira, José Luis Camargo Zambon, João Carlos Bespalhok Filho, Bruno Portela Brasileiro, Oswaldo Teruyo Ido, Lucimeris Ruaro, Heroldo Weber
2017 Crop Breeding and Applied Biotechnology  
The sugarcane cultivar RB036088 is late-maturing, harvested from September to November in south-central Brazil, and is recommended for soils with medium to high fertility. It stands out with continuously high sugar yield over the harvests, longevity of the ratoon plants, high tillering capacity and can be harvested mechanically.
doi:10.1590/1984-70332017v17n1c14 fatcat:ly4ow2fetvdrhajemekijp5vdu