Comparison of calling songs in three allopatric populations of Endecous itatibensis (Orthoptera, Phalangopsinae)

Edison Zefa
2006 Iheringia: Série Zoologia  
Three isolated populations of the cricket Endecous itatibensis Rehn, 1918 had been analyzed to test the hypothesis of divergence in the calling song estridulation and to discuss its implications in the speciation process. The song registers were obtained from specimens in Corumbataí, Piraciacaba and Itatiba cities, state of São Paulo, Brazil. In the three analyzed populations, calling songs are composed by pairs of notes. Specimens from Corumbataí emit composed phrases with 3 to 18 pairs of
more » ... to 18 pairs of notes, while those of Piracicaba and Itatiba have 1 to 3 pairs of notes. Inter- and intrapopulational variability in the frequencies of acoustic signals were detected. While recording the calling songs, other stridulations were registered, possibly from species of Orthoptera or Hemiptera. When the tapes were analyzed in the laboratory, it was verified that there was no overlap among the species' calling songs, in such a way that each species had their particular band of frequencies, avoiding interespecific acoustic competition.
doi:10.1590/s0073-47212006000100002 fatcat:y2qvvnb3i5gtrkirbq7434ponu