From sedentary and physical inactive behaviors to the Race Across America (RAAM): a case report

2019 Swiss Sports & Exercise Medicine  
This case report presents the evolution of physiological and psychological health parameters of a former sedentary and physically inactive nursing student during an 18 months period (three academic semesters), during which she first took part to a one-semester institutional physical activity (PA) program offered by her University, before being selected to participate in relay to the Race Across America (RAAM) with a team of the University. The four months before the RAAM, she followed a cycling
more » ... specific training program. After the RAAM, she was followed-up the next eight months. Results show that each step of the study had an important impact on health parameters of the subject and that sedentary and physical inactive behaviors are not irreversible. Institutional PA program, including training education in addition to concurrent strength and endurance training could lead to physiological and psychological health improvements. Moreover, in some individuals organising a challenge might contribute to improve motivation and long-term adherence to PA participation, while in others this could have the opposite effect. An individualised approach should be considered in future interventions aiming to improve PA promotion. Finally, in the specific context of a University of Health Sciences, this kind of initiative could positively influence the general population's health, by educating students as actors in PA promotion.
doi:10.34045/ssem/2019/32 fatcat:brui5qpsfvcndd6b35azjhalym