Development and validation of a quick assay for the total glucosinolate content in horseradish (Armoracia rusticana) using glucose strips and a blood glucose meter

Nadine Meitinger, Wolfgang Kreis
A quick assay to determine the total glucosinolate content of fresh horseradish roots in less than 10 minutes is described. The method involves the following steps: 1. Maceration of horseradish root with 4% phosphoric acid to avoid enzymatic degradation of endogenous glucosinolates, 2. neutralization of the extract and determination of free glucose using a commercial blood glucose meter, 3. enzymatic hydrolysis of the glucosinolates by exogenous myrosinase, 4. detection of released glucose,
more » ... n using a blood glucose meter, and 5. calculation of the glucosinolate content on the basis of the difference between the two glucose values determined. The newly developed assay ('ITC quick test') was compared with a standard high-performance liquid chromatographic method for glucosinolate analysis.
doi:10.5073/jabfq.2018.091.031 fatcat:djuufpoohfhnjmly3k4pfvehn4