High Speed Telegraph Transmission by Means of Alternators

1898 Scientific American  
HIGH BREED TELEGRAPH TRANSMISSION much higher E. M .F. ' s may be used, and connections I found to be 3'46 henries, the necessary condenser com· BY MEANS OF ALTERNATORS. and disconnections made almost without spark at the I pensation depending solely on the speed of transmisbrush contacts. sion (or wave·frequency) and the arrangement of the ALTHOUGH, at the present day, high speed trans- The speed of the transmitting wheel with resfect to receiver coils, and in no instance having any direct or
more » ... ving any direct or mission is much more limited in its application than at the generator shaft is immatprial. the essentia being' complicated relation to the line capacity. an earlier pel'iod in the history of telegraphy, owing to that its cil'cumference should contain an integer nUIIl-On an artificial cable, pqual to about 200 miles of ordi
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican12101898-19196asupp fatcat:ste3hmbluje5zpzzq2apugd73y