A Systematic Study of the Japanese Pipunculidae (Diptera) : Part VI. The Genera Dorylomorpha Aczel and Tomosvaryella Aczel

Rut Morakote, Yoshihiro Hirashima, Koji Yano
1990 Journal of the Faculty of Agriculture Kyushu University  
Twelve species of the genus Dorylomorphu Aczel and eight species of the genus Tomosvaryella Aczel from Japan are treated with key to species, descriptions and illustrations of important diagnostic characters. Six species of Dorylomorpha are new to Japan and five species are new species. Tomosvaryella caligata Hardy is newly recorded from Japan. Tribe TOMOSVARYELLINI Flies belonging to this tribe are characterized by having no coloration on the stigma. To date, only two genera are recorded in
more » ... world and both of them are found also in Japan. Genus DORYLOMORPHA Aczel Dorylomorpha Aczel, 1939, 2001. Anz. 125 : 22 (as subgenus of Tomosvaryelkz Aczel, 1939). Type species : Pipuncuhs rufpes Meigen, 1824, Syst. Beschr., 4 : 21, by monotypy. Flies of this genus are separated from the genus Tomosvaryelliz Aczel by having the r-m cross vein of coloration on the r-m cross vein of wings situated near the base of the discal medial cell (about the basal sixth to fourth). Up to date, about 40 species have been recorded to science. Host records of this genus have been reported by many authors (Perkins, 1905 ; Williams, 1919 ; Waloff, 1975 and 1980 ; Chu and Hirashima, 1981) which reveals that most of them parasitize the homopterous insects of the family Cicadellidae and Delphacidae. In Japan, only D. Zini Hardy was recorded for the first time by Yano et al. in 1984. This paper presents eleven more species including five new species and four species new to Japan.
doi:10.5109/23905 fatcat:n4uyotbzafhlblgekf43idpyfm