Radical chain reactions involving 9-alkyl-9-borafluorenes

2014 ARKIVOC  
The preparation of 9-alkyl-9-borafluorenes and their use as radical precursors in chain reactions were investigated. These organoboranes were found to be excellent precursors of primary and secondary alkyl radicals. Reactions were readily initiated by traces of oxygen and efficient processes involving sulfonyl-based radical traps were discovered. Due to the very high reactivity of the intermediate 9-H and 9-alkyl-9-borafluorenes, problems of reproducibility were identified. ARKIVOC 2014 (iii)
more » ... RKIVOC 2014 (iii) 274-286 2) BCl 3 (1 eq), hexane 0 °C to rt, overnight ( 3 )2 Scheme 2.
doi:10.3998/ark.5550190.p008.548 fatcat:eablhrw7nnfh3h6jjcbmgsgxqy