Dark Wombs and Broken Pledges

Joan Raphael-Leff
2020 Studies in the Maternal  
Over the past ten years, in tandem with greater educational and occupational opportunities, many innovations in the reproductive field have increased the range of choices available to ordinary women. Yet despite this unprecedented revolution, obsolete expectations about motherhood persist. Excessive pressure to comply with impossible prescriptions leads to the breakdown of intimate relationships within small insulated nuclear families. However, little practical assistance and support is
more » ... support is available for the powerful upheavals and often contradictory demands of parenting. It is argued that babycare is predisposed to reactivate deep feelings, due to contagious resonance with archaic experience. Lack of lack of realistic preparation render primary carers (of whatever gender) particularly susceptible to emotional disturbance, which arises in the gap between false beliefs and actual experience. Regardless of sound evidence of the financial cost-effectiveness of investing in the perinatal period and early years to safeguard the future mental health of the nation, over the past decade social provisions have declined, and far from making progress, our essential services are deteriorating.
doi:10.16995/sim.275 fatcat:cd3q5r5y2jg4xogj2ub7qqi7i4