The crystal structure of trechmannite, AgAsS2

1969 Zeitschrift für Kristallographie - Crystalline Materials  
Ag hat drei niichste S-Nachbarn im Abstand 2,599 A und 2,646 A, die eine sehr Hache Pyramide bilden. Mit einem vierten S-Atom (2,735 A) zusammen ergibt sich eine deformiert-tetraedrische Koordination. Abstract The crystal structure of treehmannite, AgAsS2, has been determined with the use of three-dimensional intensity data. The crystal is rhombohedral, having the unit-cell dimensions arh = 8.62 A, CXrh = 108°17', ahex = 13.98 A, Chex = 9.12 A, space group O~i-R3. There are 6 (rh.) or 18 (hex.)
more » ... (rh.) or 18 (hex.) formula units in the cell. The structure was solved by interpretation of a three-dimensional * Contribution No. 185, Department of Crystallography, University of Bern, Bern, Sahlistr. 6 (Switzerland). -Part 41 of papers on sulfides and sulfosalts.
doi:10.1524/zkri.1969.129.16.163 fatcat:5a42qxvq5jdsfooxoly5mandva