The Teaching-Learning Process of Organic Chemistry in Agronomy Studies from an Interdisciplinary Perspective

Mercedes Caridad García González, Humberto Silvio Varela de Moya, Manuel Rodríguez Saldaña, Ernesto Juniors Pérez Torres
2019 Agrisost  
Context: The education of an agronomy engineer largely depends on Organic Chemistry, since it offers essential knowledge to develop modern and sustainable agriculture. Therefore, this subject should be linked to the professional training and practice of agronomy engineers. Objective: The aim of this paper was to set up an interdisciplinary-professional algorithm for teaching and learning Organic Chemistry in the first year of Agronomy studies. Methods: A transversal descriptive study was
more » ... ve study was performed in the period comprising February-March 2018, at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. The empirical methods used were document review, survey to teachers of the subject, as well as discussion group. Results: The main results show that the didactical system of the curriculum of subjects Organic Phemistry and Plant Health lack a suitable interdisciplinary approach; teachers refer to extra-class activities as the space for interdisciplinary work, which can be integrative, interdisciplinary, and professional. Conclusions: The teachers deemed it adequate to use the interdisciplinary-professional algorithm to prepare extra-class activities; hence students could link the contents of Organic Chemistry to topics of Plant Health, thus contributing with a more professional approach to Organic Chemistry within Agronomy studies.
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