Evaluation of an ion propulsion system for a synchronous spacecraft mission

1967 6th Electric Propulsion and Plasmadynamics Conference   unpublished
An ion propuIsion system has been investigated to determine its applicability for a synchronous spacecraft mission. The major objectives of the study have been to (1) determine the optimum thruster locations on the spacecraft, (2) establish thruster operational modes for both station keeping (North-South and East-West) and precise attitude control, and (3) obtain a definition of propulsion system sizing with regards to power and weight. These studies were performed using a six-degree-offreedom
more » ... athematical model in conjunction with a hybrid computer and a Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) developed energy management-power system simulator. The simulation included the effects of (1) triaxial earth, (2) sun and moon perturbations, (3) real thruster characteristics, (4) solar radiation pressure, (5) gravity gradient torque, and (6) thrust beam vectoring.
doi:10.2514/6.1967-720 fatcat:bp2wfwor7fdkdnldkis67rbcru