From conceptual roles to structural relations: Bridging the syntactic cleft

Kathryn Bock, Helga Loebell, Randal Morey
1992 Psychological review  
The distinction between underlying and superficial linguistic structure is a staple of modern cognitive psychology. Despite increasingly diverse conceptions of syntactic relations in linguistic theory, the received view in psycholinguistics has remained one in which the entities assigned to underlying relations may assume different surface relations. The present article examines this view in the context of language production and reviews evidence that the disposition to bind animate entities to
more » ... the surface subject relation is a basic feature of language use, suggesting that mappings from conceptual categories to syntactic relations form a main support of the bridge from concep tion to language. Proceeding on this assumption, the article also evaluates competing accounts of the mapping process in production. The results argue against syntactic relation-changing operations, but favor a division between meaning-and form-related mechanisms.
doi:10.1037/0033-295x.99.1.150 pmid:1546115 fatcat:xpvijxyn5bav3b6fipwv6spbny