UC Merced Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society Title Memory Retrieval Effects on Filler-Gap Procession Author Publication Date Memory Retrieval Effects on Filler-Gap Processing

Philip Hofmeister, Philip Hofmeister
In this paper, I argue that the retrieval of filler-phrases in syntactic filler-gap dependencies is facilitated by encoding more information in the filler-phrase. Three self-paced reading experiments provide the evidence for this memory facilitation hypothesis: reading times decrease when more explicit wh-phrases and indefinites occur as fillers in three different syntactic constructions. Crucially, the decrease in reading times becomes visible only at the point of memory retrieval, i.e. the
more » ... rieval, i.e. the gap site. There is no effect of the amount of information encoded in the filler-phrase prior to the retrieval site.