Analysis of the Characteristics of First Permanent Molars with Delayed Eruption

Hosun Lee, Koeun Lee, Misun Kim, Okhyung Nam, Hyo-Seol Lee, Sungchul Choi
The first permanent molars play a key role in maxillofacial development and occlusion. The purpose of this study is to investigate the characteristics and development stages of first molars with delayed eruption, and to evaluate their associations with congenital missing teeth. Eight-year-old patients who had delayed eruption in their first molars were classified into 75 patients with physical barriers and 77 patients without physical barriers. The development stages of the first and second
more » ... rs in the delayed area were analyzed using Nolla method from the panoramic radiographs. The relationship between congenital missing teeth and delayed area was also investigated. Delayed eruption of first molars were more common in the maxilla alone. With the presence of physical barriers, male patients showed higher frequency in unilateral cases, while female patients had higher bilateral cases when there was no physical barrier. Delayed development of first molars were observed in delayed eruption area. In the absence of physical barriers, adjacent second molars were also developed slowly and the incidence of congenital missing teeth was high in delayed area. If first molars with delayed eruption are observed, clinical and radiographical follow-ups are necessary for the evaluation of their developmental stages and congenital missing teeth.
doi:10.5933/jkapd.2022.49.1.95 fatcat:bip2k4teebal7n6ai26itwf4ey