A Typology of Political Elites and Its Transformation in China: From "Ideology-Oriented/Replacement" Elites to "Fragmented/Reproductive" Elites

Jang-Hwan Joo
2013 Asian Perspective  
In this study I establish a universal typology of Chinese political elites and trace the elites' transformation by analyzing the demographic and sociopolitical composition of the Chinese Communist Party's Central Committee. The data set comprises the full and alternate membership of the Central Committees, from the First (1921) to the Seventeenth ( 2007 ). China's political elites started out as ideologyoriented/replacement types with strong unity, low differentiation, and wide circulation
more » ... gh radical methods. However, they have evolved into fragmented/reproductive types with weak unity, high differentiation, and narrow circulation through moderate methods.
doi:10.1353/apr.2013.0010 fatcat:dz7kle3v4bcp7pulwsxk65g2wi