Variability of accretion flow in the core of the Seyfert galaxy NGC 4151 [report]

Grzegorz Madejski
2003 unpublished
We analyze observations of the Seyfert galaxy NGC 4151 covering 90 years in the optical band and 27 years in the 2 -10 keV X-ray band. We compute the Normalized Power Spectrum Density (NPSD), the Structure Function (SF) and the Autocorrelation Function (ACF) for these data. The results show that the optical and X-ray variability properties are significantly different. X-ray variations are predominantly in the timescale range of 5 -1000 days. The optical variations have also a short timescale
more » ... ponent which may be related to X-ray variability but the dominant effect is the long timescale variability, with timescales longer than ∼ 10 years. We compare our results with observations of NGC 5548 and Cyg X-1. We conclude that the long timescale variability may be caused by radiation pressure instability in the accretion disk, although the observed timescale in NGC 4151 is by a factor of few longer than expected. X-ray variability of this source is very similar to what is observed in Cyg X-1 but scaled with the mass of the black hole, which suggests that the radiation pressure instability does not affect considerably the X-ray production.
doi:10.2172/813323 fatcat:amy3xulovzhnrehdauw6eqg6oq