Aroylation of aromatics with aryl carboxylic acids over Nafion-H (polymeric perfluoroalkanesulfonic acid), an environmentally friendly solid acid catalyst

2005 ARKIVOC  
Dedicated to Professor P. T. Narasimhan on his 75 th birthday (Abstract Aromatic hydrocarbons undergo direct aroylation with arylcarboxylic acids over Nafion-H, an environmentally friendly, perfluorinated resinsulfonic acid catalyst to give benzophenones and their derivatives. Furthermore, one of the bistrifluoromethylated benzophenone derivative was trifluoromethylated to a new DDT analog.
doi:10.3998/ark.5550190.0005.812 fatcat:uxgzc7gmqvfg7alcxstrzqcywe