Formation Flight Control of Multi-UAV System Using Neighbor-based Trajectory Generation Topology

2020 WSEAS Transactions on Applied and Theoretical Mechanics  
In this paper, a distributed formation flight control topology for Leader-Follower formation structureis presented. Such topology depends in the first place on online generation of the trajectories that should befollowed by the agents in the formation. The trajectory of each agent is planned during execution depending onits neighbors and considering that the desired reference trajectory is only given to the leader. Simulation usingMATLAB/SIMULINK is done on a formation of quadrotor UAVs to
more » ... drotor UAVs to illustrate the proposed method. Thetopology shows very good results in achieving the formation and following the reference trajectory.
doi:10.37394/232011.2020.15.20 fatcat:77rapbudifgnvih5jm37a6voji