Anči Leburić
2018 Papers on Philosophy Psychology Sociology and Pedagogy  
The paper deals with certain aspects of the family background of upper classes pupils in a primary school in Split. Some of the basic moments of parental socio-economic status and general social milieu are illustrated as well. Specific qualities of interactions developed in these contexts between parents and their children are dealt with in particular. The empirical state "recorded" by a questionnaire at the begining of 1996 is presented in its entirety. It can be generally concluded that our
more » ... ung people establish a close relation between love - health - happiness - welfare. The four-item correlation seems to be a sort of motto to most of them. Within social relations, school as an institution and teachers as incumbents of the teaching process are not isolated factors, in spite of general claims as to on their passiveness. Most empirical findings inspire us with optimism and hope for a better future but at the same time they confirm an understanding that there does not exist any enclosed social area free of any kind of problems.
doi:10.15291/radovifpsp.2493 fatcat:pgrbhvjywjdt3fqbqtqlzpok2u