Citizen participation in the schools A Report To The Citizens Of Jacksonville CITIZEN PARTICIPATION IN THE SCHOOLS SCOPE OF THE STUDY

Susan Black
1979 unpublished
HIGHLIGHTS MAJOR PROBLEMS: There is little evidence of citizen participation in the schools. Most of the LSAC time and energy is being spent on involvement in service activities. PTAs and PTOs are presently filling the role of citizen involvement and' LSACs are duplicating their role in this area. The commitment of the School Board and the administration to LSAC is weak, as demonstrated by an absence of adequate information, training, and other support services provided to LSACs. Duval County's
more » ... ACs. Duval County's system of LSACs is not working well. The School Board and Superintendent assume each school has a functioning LSAC; however, the JCCI survey revealed that there are at least 16 schools which do not have LSACs, and that the quality and quantity of LSAC activities varies greatly from school to school and by type of school. RECOMMENDED SOLUTIONS: The School Board should: Clearly define the functions and responsibility of LSACs. Provide training and incentives for LSAC members and principals. Provide staff support to encourage LSAC activities. Revise and update the LSAC manual. Establish a communication network among LSACs, with the administration and the School Board. Establish an ad hoc committee to develop an LSAC model.