Graphene oxide improves chitosan-based biomaterials with applications in bone tissue engineering

Sorina Dinescu, Simona Ignat, Loredana Predoiu, Anca Hermenean, Mariana Ionita, Mitko Mladenov, Marieta Costache
2017 Romanian Biotechnological Letters   unpublished
Bone tissue engineering (BTE) currently requires modern and efficient approaches for restauration of bone defects. In this context, intelligent biomaterials that are able to induce by their own nature the osteogenic differentiation process are among the best approaches developed for BTE. Chitosan (CH) is a natural biopolymer with good properties for tissue engineering. Graphene and its derivatives, graphene oxides (GO), have been recently discovered to favor cell proliferation, cell adhesion
more » ... n, cell adhesion and cell differentiation processes. The excellent mechanical and physical properties that GO displays promotes its use alone or in combinations for bone regeneration applications. The present study proposes a novel biomaterial based on chitosan and GO, CH/GO 1 wt.% as a potential biomaterial for restauration of surface bone defects. In vitro studies suggest that this composite efficiently supports osteogenesis and promotes bone formation.