Development of a Laboratory Line (SRI line) Derived from the Wild House Musk Shrew, Suncus murinus, Indigenous to Sri Lanka
スリランカ産野生スンクス (Suncus murinus) を起源とするライン (SRI) の育成

1989 Experimental animals  
Five male and 9 female house musk shrews (Suncus murinus) captured in Koralawella, Sri Lanka were acquired by our laboratory. One male and 3 females alone contributed to the development of a new laboratory line (SRI line). The SRI line has been maintained as a closed breeding colony consisting of more than 40 shrews. Gestation period and litter size at birth averaged 31.2 days (43 cases) and 2.4 (43 litters), respectively. The SRI line shrews were uniformly covered with light gray fur. The body
more » ... weight and total length of adult shrews averaged 72. 9 g and 23. 9 cm in males, and 49.6g and 21.0cm in females. These data indicate a body size intermediate between BAN line shrews originating from Bangladesh and Nag or OKI line shrews from Japan. The SRI shrews are also characterized by having 30 chromosomes in diploid, being the smallest number in the entire species, whereas the otherlines (Nag, OKI and BAN) all have 40 chromosomes.
doi:10.1538/expanim1978.38.3_231 fatcat:pvm372r3cjbgjokol6vpgqp3pq