Perilaku Altruistik dan Eklektik dalam Praksis Pendidikan Kiai Ahmad Dahlan

Andi Andi, Sugeng Riadi, Nur Fajar Absor
2020 JURNAL YAQZHAN: Analisis Filsafat, Agama dan Kemanusiaan  
This research aimed to find out two things, that was: firstly the representation of altruistic and eclectic behavior in the educational practices of Kiai Ahmad Dahlan and what underlies Kiai Ahmad Dahlan does both of that behaviors. So this research needed to do as effort to dig educational practices that was conceived by Kiai Ahmad Dahlan so that the basic character of the philosophy of education that he developed can be preserved in accordance with the spirit of the times. This research
more » ... This research method uses a qualitative approach with the design of content analysis. This research utilizes reading and note taking techniques in data collection, while the analysis used is the hermeneutic model. The source of the research data is the book "Jejak Pembaruan Sosial dan Kemanusiaan Kiai Ahmad Dahlan" by Abdul Munir Mulkhan, this is because Kiai Ahmad Dahlan himself rarely leaves papers. The book was published in 2010 by Penerbit Kompas. The results showed that altruistic and eclectic behavior contributed a lot in the educational practices that organized by Kiai Ahmad Dahlan. The other results show that the two behaviors are based on ethical values of welas asih and liberal views held by Kiai Ahmad Dahlan.
doi:10.24235/jy.v6i1.6196 fatcat:exiziovuezhexnxl4lo23fx2xa