Characterization and Electrical Property of Impurity Concentration in Ge-N Codoped SiC Crystals

LI Tian, CHEN Xiu-Fang, YANG Xiang-Long, XIE Xue-Jian, ZHANG Fu-Sheng, XIAO Long-Fei, WANG Rong-Kun, XU Xian-Gang, HU Xiao-Bo, WANG Rui-Qi, YU Peng
2018 Journal of Inorganic Materials  
2-inch Ge-N codoped and Ge doped SiC single crystals were grown by physical vapor transport (PVT) method. And the SiC ingots were fabricated into 10 mm10 mm SiC wafers for characterization. Semiconductor technology was used to fabricate Ti/Pt/Au metal contact on the carbide-terminated face of SiC wafers. Subsequently, all samples were characterized by secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) and Hall measurements. The SIMS results showed that Ge-N codoping method could enhance the Ge doping
more » ... ntration in SiC crystals effectively, which could achieve 1.1910 19 /cm 3 . According to Hall measurement, ohmic contact could be obtained when samples were
doi:10.15541/jim20170256 fatcat:44z3j3epibaqba73nagz7gclau