A Second Order Spread Spectrum Watermarking Scheme Using Multi-Threshold Wavelet Codec

I. Khan, S.W. Raza, D.A. Karras, M. Abdullah, F.S. Butt
Proceedings of the 2006 IEEE International Workshop on Imagining Systems and Techniques (IST 2006)  
A second order error resistant watermarking approach based on spread spectrum is presented in this research. At the heart of the proposed solution lies the concept of twice modulation of the watermark sequence and the selection of the host image coefficients based on the Multi-Threshold Wavelet Codec (MTWC). DSSS approach has been widely used in the communications to cover the message signal (narrow band) over the large noise signal (wide band). The resulting signal provides excellent low error
more » ... excellent low error probability and is hard to detect the message signal. DSSS used with error correcting codes makes it possible to recover the message even after severe signal distortions. MTW technique helps in determining the actual wavelet coefficients that need to be watermarked so that the watermark sequence is robust.
doi:10.1109/ist.2006.1650798 fatcat:4iocpdnrsfazhpyrzic27jymnq