FACILITIES LOCATION MODEL TO MAXIMIZE THE SUM OF REALIZED DEMAND : Facilities location models based on spatial interaction models Part 1
利用者数の総和を最大化する施設の最適配置モデル : 空間相互作用モデルを用いた施設の配置計画法その1

1999 Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ)  
In this paper , facdities locatiQn model based on Spatial lnteraction ModelS ( SIM )蛤 concemed . Initialy outhnes of SIM and location problem based on SIM are described . Secondly , a new model of SIM which 蛉 developed m Non − oonstrain しtype ofS 工 M iS proposed . In this model a new concept MaXi 皿 um Realized Demand iS applied . Next alocation problem to maximize the sum of reahzed demand お proposed which iS based on developed SIM . A method of solution based on Stt )chastic Descent Method and
more » ... St hastic App ∬ )Ximation Method iS presented , and the effectiveness ofpresented method is confirmed through numerical analyses . Finany , 3simulations of opti 皿 al location analyses are shown , and characteristics ofpresented locatiOn model are examiled .
doi:10.3130/aija.64.227_3 fatcat:n3q3gtxsyzbg7jzlq4xirlxupm