System Resource Allocation and Rural Industry Revitalization Based on Max-Min Algorithm

Qiongyao Dai, Kapil Sharma
2022 Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience  
At this stage, the research hotspots on wireless multimedia sensor networks mainly include MAC protocol, network security, and node positioning. Research on resource allocation is scarce. Due to the lack of an effective wireless resource allocation strategy, even the most advanced transmission technology will not be able to fully utilize its unique advantages due to unreasonable resource allocation. Therefore, in-depth research on wireless resource allocation strategies is of great significance
more » ... for the better application of wireless transmission technology. The entire network uses OFDMA mechanism to divide time slots. According to this method, resource allocation can be divided into intercluster and intracluster, and then the Max-Min subcarrier allocation algorithm is innovated and perfected to ensure maximum information transmission speed and throughput and promote information data efficient transmission. Based on the research of wireless sensor system resource allocation technology, China has emphasized industrial prosperity as the key point in its rural revitalization strategy, and doing a good job in technological innovation and industrial innovation is of great significance to economic development. At this stage, the capacity of rural industrial economic development is poor, and the economic level of most rural areas is not high. This situation is inseparable from problems such as limited industrial development and insufficient technological innovation capabilities. In order to promote the prosperity of rural industries and achieve the goal of rural revitalization, we must proceed from the fundamentals and give priority to solving the outstanding problems encountered in the process of rural industrial revitalization. Promoting the revitalization of rural industries can effectively solve the current plight of agricultural development and is an inherent requirement for rural prosperity and the country's prosperity. Aiming at the problems in the process of restricting the revitalization of rural industries, this article adheres to the principle of integrating theory with practice and puts forward practical and feasible measures to solve the problem in a targeted manner.
doi:10.1155/2022/7983802 pmid:35685148 pmcid:PMC9173962 fatcat:yioglozmc5bmfkt4mur2jb7juu