Identification and characterization of Common Sage in the wilaya of Tlemcen

Mohammed Achir, Yassine Benserida, Alaa Abir zohor Senhadji, Warda Taibi, Semir Bechir Suheil Gaouar
2021 Genetics And Biodiversity Journal  
As part of the study of the biodiversity of plant genetic resources, in general and medicinal plants, in particular, we are interested in the study of an aromatic plant of Mediterranean origin, the Salvia officinalis known under the name of Mramiya , plant used in traditional medicine. Due to the absence of ethnic data and studies of racial characterizations of this species in Algeria, it is useful to contribute to the morphometric study of the sage population in the Tlemcen region. A
more » ... of 100 plants, spread over five localities in this wilaya, is the subject of this investigation. Twenty-three measurements and 16 phenotypic characters were selected for this study. The effect of the region was studied; this factor was found to have a significant effect on the studied traits. A principal component analysis (PCA) and multiple correspondences analysis (MCA) was performed on the phenotypic characteristics, which revealed inertias corresponding to 18. 93% and 14.439% , 14.02% and 11.59% respectively for the first two principal components. This analysis made it possible to establish remarkable phenotypic differences, which have implications to be considered in the characterization program of this plant. An extraction of essential oils was performed to get an idea of the yield potential of two regions. The hydrodistillation of the aerial part of the Officinal Sage in the two regions Marsa Ben M'hidi and Ghazaouet gives a yield of 16.42% and 14.36%, respectively.
doi:10.46325/gabj.v5i2.63 fatcat:mnwim2hwvzdubhdqquzn5y3eia