Clinical analysis of biliary stent placement combined with gamma-knife for the treatment of complex hilar cholangiocarcinoma

Zhi-qiang FENG, Hong-yi ZHANG, Hong-qi LI, Mei XIAO, Ting-yi XIA, Ping LI, Long-song PIAO, Yang LIU, Hong-yi ZHANG
2011 Medical Journal of Chinese People's Liberation Army  
Objective To evaluate the therapeutic effect of biliary stent placement combined with gamma-knife for the treatment of complex hilar cholangiocarcinoma.Methods Five patients with type IV hilar cholangiocarcinoma,according to Bismuth classification,combined with stenosis of distant common bile duct were treated with biliary stent placement and gamma-knife.The left intrahepatic bile duct was catheterized under the guidance of ultrasound,followed by catheterization of right intrahepatic bile duct
more » ... ahepatic bile duct aided by percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography for drainage(PTCD).Three biliary stents were inserted to relieve obstruction.Patients then underwent gamma-knife treatment after subsidence of jaundice,and bilirubin,followed by determination of transaminase and observation of the condition of the tumor.Results Total bilrubin,direct bilrubin and alanine transaminase of patients were 289.38±101.43μmol/L,180.42±72.50μmol/L and 148.80±82.65 U/L respectively before PTCD,and 94.2±20.43μmol/L,62.37±30.41μmol/L and 109.27±45.52 U/L,respectively,7 days after PTCD,and they declined to 27.20±14.60μmol/L,20.58±9.33μmol/L and 59.80±35.18 U/L,respectively,one month after PTCD.Five patients survived for 10,13,14,17 and 24 months,respectively.The median survival time was 15 months.Conclusion The combination of insertion of metallic stents and gamma-knife therapy is a safe and effective treatment for complex hilar cholangiocarcinoma,and this therapeutic strategy may improve survival rate and control the rate of grouth of carcinoma.
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