Structural geology of Ganymede regional groove systems (60°N–60°S)

Costanza Rossi, Paola Cianfarra, Francesco Salvini
2019 Journal of Maps  
Brittle deformation on Ganymede surface is represented by grooves tectonic linear landforms. These are regional scale structures that show well-defined morphology from straight to curvilinear. High density of grooves occupies most of the light terrain of the satellite, the grooved terrain. We map grooves on the USGS Voyager and Galileo Mosaic of Ganymede in order to unravel their spatial distribution and tectonic setting. A total of 14,707 grooves were identified, digitized and statistically
more » ... lysed. A quantitative structural geology approach was used to classify grooves, by considering their azimuth and regional rotation. This procedure allowed to recognize a total of four groove families, named the NE, WNW, NW, and N-S super-systems. The presented structural map represents a tool to study the stress conditions associated with the groove formation and evolution. This map also aims to contribute to the scientific preparation of the upcoming missions and future exploration of Ganymede. ARTICLE HISTORY
doi:10.1080/17445647.2019.1685605 fatcat:n3txbupcfjarbbzmcm55pw42bi