An outbreak of Dipodascus capitatus infection in the ICU: three case reports and review of the literature

Gulden Ersoz, Feza Otag, Zayre Erturan, Gonul Aslan, Ali Kaya, Gürol Emekdas, Takashi Sugita
2004 Japanese journal of infectious diseases (Print)  
A mini epidemic of Dipodascus capitatus (teleomorph of Geotrichum capitatum) involving three cases is reported. The index case was pulmonary infection and a fulminant course of fungal infection, which resulted in the patient's death with acute myelocytic leukemia. In the other cases, the patients were simultaneously hospitalized, the first in the intensive care unit. In all cases, D. capitatus was identified in different samples (sputum, deep tracheal aspiration, blood, and urine) from each of
more » ... he patients. Growing evidence indicates that D. capitatus should be added to the lengthening list of opportunistic fungal pathogens that can cause infection in people of all ages and particularly in those who are immunocompromised. Further, the danger of cross-contamination and potential "outbreak" should be kept in mind during hospital management.
pmid:15623948 fatcat:k4wfygs4dzgivnahocqkfdhkza