IJRE-International Journal of Research in Electronics Performance Analysis of Distributed Energy Based MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

S Bharathidasan, Ramamoorthy
Wireless sensor networks have been identified as one of the most important technologies in the 21st century for various applications. Recent advances in wireless sensor networks have led to many new protocols specifically designed for sensor networks, where energy awareness is an intend. The proposed method considers developing an effective cross-layer cooperative diversity-aware routing algorithm together with recently proposed DELCMAC to conserve energy while minimizing the throughput and
more » ... y degradation. A key feature in the design of DELCMAC is its independence from the underlying wireless technology used by network nodes. The proposed Distributed Energy Based MAC (DEBMAC) approach wireless sensor network for significantly prolongs the network lifetime with the IEEE 802.11 DCF and Cooperative MAC (CMAC). Extensive simulations have been performed in large-scale network scenarios.