Widely-tunable mid-infrared frequency comb source based on difference frequency generation

Axel Ruehl, Alessio Gambetta, Ingmar Hartl, Martin E. Fermann, Kjeld S. E. Eikema, Marco Marangoni
2012 Optics Letters  
We report on a mid-IR frequency comb source of unprecedented tunability covering the entire 3-10 μm molecular fingerprint region. The system is based on difference frequency generation in a GaSe crystal pumped by a 151 MHz Yb:fiber frequency comb. The process was seeded with Raman-shifted solitons generated in a highly nonlinear suspended-core fiber with the same source. Average powers up to 1.5 mW were achieved at the 4.7 μm wavelength.
doi:10.1364/ol.37.002232 pmid:22739865 fatcat:sum3rid3wvcnxnf5b3zauybiz4