Novel Scheme for Image Encryption Combining 2D Logistic-Sine-Cosine Map and Double Random-Phase Encoding

Huiqing Huang
2019 IEEE Access  
In this paper, we present a 2D Logistic-Sine-Cosine map (2D-LSCM) which is based on the classical 2D Logistic, Sine and Cosine maps. Performance analysis shows that it has larger chaotic range, bigger Lyapunov exponent and more complex chaotic behavior than the classical 2D Logistic map. By means of 2D-LSCM, Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) and Double Random-Phase Encoding (DRPE), we proposed an effective image encryption algorithm. In this scheme, after conducting DWT on the original image,
more » ... wavelet coefficients are scrambled by using the 2D-LSCM, and then the DRPE is employed to encode the scrambled result. Next, the Inverse Discrete Wavelet Transform (IDWT) is conducted on the encoded results. At last, the result from IDWT is diffused and confused with the chaos sequences generated from 2D-LSCM. Simulation results and security analysis reveal the fact that the proposed algorithm has good statistical property, large key space and effective resistance to common cryptanalytic attacks. INDEX TERMS Image encryption, 2D logistic map, double random-phase encoding, discrete wavelet transform.
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2958319 fatcat:luer5t2jzbfy7lkk76hdv355vm