Existence and uniqueness of rectilinear slit maps

Carl H. FitzGerald, Frederick Weening
1999 Transactions of the American Mathematical Society  
We consider a generalization of the parallel slit uniformization in which the angle of inclination of each image slit is assigned independently. Koebe proved that for domains of finite connectivity there is, up to a normalization, a unique rectilinear slit map achieving any given angle assignment. Koebe's theorem is partially extended to domains of infinite connectivity. A uniqueness result is shown for domains of countable connectivity and arbitrary angle assignments, and an existence result
more » ... proved for arbitrary domains under the assumption that the angle assignment is continuous and has finite range. In order to prove the existence result a new extremal length tool, called the crossing-module, is introduced. The crossing-module allows greater freedom in the family of admissible arcs than the classical module. Several results known for the module are extended to the crossing-module. A generalization of Jenkins' θ module condition for the parallel slit problem is given for the rectilinear slit problem in terms of the crossing-module and it is shown that rectilinear slit maps satisfying this crossing-module condition exist.
doi:10.1090/s0002-9947-99-02538-6 fatcat:hnnqpgvxxvajrm2ygrzkib274m