Emergent Mitotic Chromosome Motions from a Changing Intracellular pH

L. John Gagliardi, Daniel H. Shain
2018 Open Journal of Biophysics  
The mechanism by which chromosomes establish and maintain a dynamic coupling to microtubules for force generation during the complex motions of mitosis remains elusive. Equally challenging is an explanation for the timing of poleward, antipoleward, and oscillatory chromosome movements. The molecular cell biology paradigm requires that specific molecules, or molecular geometries, for force generation are necessary for chromosome motions. We propose here that the dynamics of mitotic chromosome
more » ... totic chromosome motions are an emergent property of a changing intracellular pH in combination with electrostatic forces. We explain this mechanism within the context of Complexity Theory, based on the electrostatic properties of tubulin, known cellular electric charge distributions, and the dynamic instability of microtubules.
doi:10.4236/ojbiphy.2018.81002 fatcat:lqt33hbrljc43aagvqdussa4vq