Blood Pressure-to-Height Ratio Simplifies the Diagnosis of Hypertension in Nigerian Children

C. E. C. C. Ejike, F. Z. Yin
2012 Journal of Tropical Pediatrics  
The diagnostic accuracy of blood-pressure-toheight-ratios (BPHRs) in 716 Nigerian children was studied, using standard protocols. Systolic BPHR (SBPHR) and diastolic BPHR (DBPHR) had diagnostic accuracies ranging from 0.934 to 1.000, irrespective of sex and age. Optimal thresholds of SBPHR/DBPHR are provided, and their sensitivities and specificities all exceeded 80%. BPHR is a simple, sensitive and specific tool for the diagnosis of hypertension in this population.
doi:10.1093/tropej/fms064 pmid:23230005 fatcat:ykmj3kqt5ffhpnhyrnxl3mkrwu