Notes on Australian Cerambycidae

Keith C. McKeown
1937 Records of the Australian Museum  
The .present• paper contains further results of a critical e~amination of material in the entomological collection in the Australian Museum, Sydney, together with that submitted for e~amination by other museums and departments. The work already carried ont)ndicates that considerable unworked material of the greatest interest still awaits study, also that in certain genera a state of confusion exists that is really deplorable. The accompanying notes consist of descriptions of a number of new
more » ... ies, together with comments on the synonymy of others. Gennli1 Xystrocera Serville, 1834. Xystrocera. globosa (Olivier)~ 1795. There are two specimens which I take to be this insect, from north-west Australia, in the Australian Museum collection. They do not appear to differ in any respect from specimens from Egypt, except that those from Australia are considerably smaller. Mr. H. W. Brown informs me that he has taken this longicorn in the north-west of the continent, thus supplying confirmation of the locality. It is interesting to note that this beetle has been recorded as a serious pest of Lebbek (Albizzia) in Egypt. Other species of this genus of trees occur in the north-west and north of Australia, and one or more of these, possibly, forms its host-plant in this country. The range of Xystrocera globosa has been recorded as covering India, Ceylon,
doi:10.3853/j.0067-1975.20.1937.564 fatcat:c5r4dsuh5nfrnfyydcz6n2cvse