Type II duality symmetries in six dimensions

Klaus Behrndt, E. Bergshoeff, Bert Janssen
1996 Nuclear Physics B  
We discuss the different discrete duality symmetries in six dimensions that act within and between (i) the 10-dimensional heterotic string compactified on $T^4$, (ii) the 10-dimensional Type IIA string compactified on $K3$ and (iii) the 10-dimensional Type IIB string compactified on $K3$. In particular we show that the underlying group-theoretical structure of these discrete duality symmetries is determined by the proper cubic group ${\cal C}/\Z_2$. Our group theoretical interpretation leads to
more » ... rpretation leads to simple rules for constructing the explicit form of the different discrete Type II duality symmetries in an arbitrary background. The explicit duality rules we obtain are applied to construct dual versions of the 6-dimensional chiral null model.
doi:10.1016/0550-3213(96)00120-4 fatcat:prhhwsuxdfac7k6hn2z7d3hdry