Design of an Interactive Mind Calligraphy System by Affective Computing and Visualization Techniques for Real-Time Reflections of the Writer's Emotions

Chao-Ming Wang, Yu-Chen Chen
2020 Sensors  
A novel interactive system for calligraphy called mind calligraphy that reflects the writer's emotions in real time by affective computing and visualization techniques is proposed. Differently from traditional calligraphy, which emphasizes artistic expression, the system is designed to visualize the writer's mental-state changes during writing using audio-visual tools. The writer's mental state is measured with a brain wave machine to yield attention and meditation signals, which are classified
more » ... next into the four types of emotion, namely, focusing, relaxation, calmness, and anxiety. These emotion types then are represented both by animations and color palettes for by-standing observers to appreciate. Based on conclusions drawn from data collected from on-site observations, surveys via Likert-scale questionnaires, and semi-structured interviews, the proposed system was improved gradually. The participating writers' cognitive, emotional, and behavioral engagements in the system were recorded and analyzed to obtain the following findings: (1) the interactions with the system raise the writer's interest in calligraphy; (2) the proposed system reveals the writer's emotions during the writing process in real time via animations of mixtures of fish swimming and sounds of raindrops, insects, and thunder; (3) the dynamic visualization of the writer's emotion through animations and color-palette displays makes the writer understand better the connection of calligraphy and personal emotions; (4) the real-time audio-visual feedback increases the writer's willingness to continue in calligraphy; and (5) the engagement of the writer in the system with interactions of diversified forms provides the writer with a new experience of calligraphy.
doi:10.3390/s20205741 pmid:33050320 fatcat:motcgugx3rghlep7zpnkmgcer4