The Nanaimo Free Press [Wednesday, June 15, 1921] [article]

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Nanaimo's new bakery, the Vet eran Electric Bakery, opened yester day afternoon in the Brampton Block under auspicious circum stances. The i free loaf of bread would be firen the first five hundred per sons who visited the bakery yester day afternoon and that the offer was taken advantage of was evi denced by the stream of persona who tiled into the bakery between hours of 4 and 6 yesterday afternoon. The new firm consists of Messrs. F. R. Perkin and W. T. Money, both war veterans, and all
more » ... employ ees will be returned men. Messrs. Perkin and Money have been _ business in Vancouver, and It was due to the success they have acblev-SMALL EXPENDIIBRE ON NEW SHIPS rORTBENAVY «6-The total ex penditures proposed for this year on building of capital shins for th. VANCOWER BUtSt BRmSH COUMEPt WEDNE^AY. .0,. •A'S TRADE |iTHERANDFO¥ CILDRENNET DEATH IN IE SHOWEDDECREASE DURING NAY -During capital ships for *1"" " «"»P«ted with the Admlraltv. 9.11 ...i__ ..r. ____ .-•ncial secrotai Slated in the day. . For the two months of the fiscal ,900.27^ a reduction of $107,474,. I <63. Exporu of domestic merchandlw last month were $69,667,992 as against $77,342,678 In May. 2920 "O vegetable productclassified as mainly foods was the only domestic merchandise to show an increase. They toUlled $26,n7,-669. against $19,772,689 in May mucm DISIIBII t'algary. June 16-Mrs. J. j. Hntlege and her fonr children -*were burned to death Tuesday night fire which destroyed their h< eight miles south of InnUfsall. NUMBER 51. SIMS LEAVING BRITAIN TODAY FOR NEW YORK Hb gpectal Cnr fkou London to " nthampton Loaded With Floral PROTINCEBOND FLOTATION SOLD London. June 16-Rear-Admiral Slme left this morning for Sonthsmplon. where he was to board steamer Olympic laHer In the day and proceed to New York. He rode In a special car that waa so burdened that OPENING OF GREEK OmsiTE ISiNNIlilT Three MUUons Diqioeed of to Toronto Concern at Price of B».Il on ewfUaeb. Twenly.y* Perkins will manage the Vancouver store and Mr. Money will handle the business here. Ae the name of the firm implies, the baking will be done by electricity. The oven has a capacity loaves, and In addition to bread, cikes and pastries will be turned out. The motto of the firm Is "Qual ity." They use only the best Ingredbats sad thus assure a first class gsallty for their products. Both partners sre confident that with the japan RKADT TO «wtcd Action. permit V. H. CONTROL , OF YAP 18LE CABLES through Lord Harding, to Prance, cnlU experience they have gained In the conduct of the Vancouver bnilness. sad with the fine store and excellent lecatloD they are sUrtlng with bare they can make a first class sni the buiness in Nanaimo.
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